"The human body is a bio electric system which can be strengthened through the use of sound"

About the Resonator Table

How it Works

The Resonator Table brings professional healing therapy to homes and clinics using the power of resonant frequency combined with ancient methods of unblocking energies of chakras. Find freedom from pain as you step off of the planet and become in tune with the sacred geometric patterns found in nature, music and our bodies.

We find in the study of cymatics, vibration changes cellular structure. Sound is a tool for transformation. The body is keyed to respond to the acceptability of the resonant frequency.

The common belief that vibration permeates all things forms the foundation of an ancient science and practice of healing with music.

Shamanic healers of indigenous cultures have historically used sound in ceremony for the purpose of healing (Pat Moffitt Cook).

Consider that Baroque musicians were trained in sacred geometric patterns, mathematical ratios, and the relationships between scales, octaves, and harmonics as found in nature (and our chakras). By researching indigenous healers and Baroque music we can verify that healing frequencies can be used for regeneration and restoration (the Mozart Effect by Don Campbell).

Every cell in our body is a sound resonator. The human body is a bio electric system which can be altered, strengthened, and/or balanced through the used of sound. – Ted Andrews



The Resonator Bed has been used in many industries, and for many different applications. It has shown to be an effective method of therapy in several areas:

  • Energy balance & strengthening.
  • Hospice Care
  • Pain Relief
  • Increase athlete performance
  • Improve artist creativity
  • Enhance Business professional concentration
  • ADHD Relief
  • Encourages positive thinking
  • Experience the deepest and most restorative relaxation.


20 – 24,000Hz broad speaker range.

Geometric patterns of wire aligned with body chakras attached to the underside of the bed with connected crystals and transducers directing sound towards the body.

The waterbed mattress further amplifies these frequencies.

Tweeters, mid range, and sub-woofers are below the mattress so that all frequencies penetrate the body.

Headphones are used additionally.

The wood construction of the base beneath the waterbed frame can be table or bed height.

Custom construction to suit your application, including massage tables.

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What people are saying

“The session was absolutely wonderful. The music was alternately enchanting, soothing, mesmerizing and, somehow, strangely familiar. My whole bioelectric system was tweaked, overhauled, leaving me feeling invigorated, healthy and enthusiastic. I now have increased mental clarity and focus, and lots more energy, too. My internal motors are primed. I am of sound mind and body, you could say.”

John Potter, Billings Gazette

“I have had constant pain since being hit by a car while I was crossing the street. Doctors have not made a dent in the corrosive, progressive pain that I have experienced since then. I am concerned that the pain itself impairs the quality of my daily work and that it is shortening my life.

But then I tried Tana’s sound bed and it has given me the first pain free hours I have had in years and as a side benefit from it, I notice that I am so calm at the end of each session. It has convinced me that there is a way I can get back to being pain free.

I have hope for the future again and I am finally starting to feel better.”

Kelly Addy, Attorney and Pastor