The Resonator Table

Revolutionary Therapy for the Home

Sound Therapy for Home and Clinical Use

The Resonator Table is a completely new way to bring professional therapy methods to home, clinic, or hospice care. Using the proven power of modern audio, combined with ancient healing methods of the chakras, the Resonator Table allows users to attain freedom from pain and ADHD as well as the deepest restorative relaxation for individuals, professionals and those in hospice care.

Healing can be accomplished by using music to bring the body into resonant frequency

About Tana Streeter

Tana Streeter, Montana counselor, has revolutionized the Resonator Table. Involved in the Montana community as a licensed clinical professional counselor for over 20 years, Tana understands the requirements of individuals seeking to improve their lives, whether that be through relief of pain, enhancement of performance, or increased attainment of relaxation. Tana built the first Resonator Table in 1995, and today she has improved them to the point where they can be offered to the public.

What people are saying

"The session was absolutely wonderful. The music was alternately enchanting, soothing, mesmerizing and, somehow, strangely familiar. My whole bioelectric system was tweaked, overhauled, leaving me feeling invigorated, healthy and enthusiastic. I now have increased mental clarity and focus, and lots more energy, too. My internal motors are primed. I am of sound mind and body, you could say."

- John Potter, Billings Gazette

"I have had constant pain since being hit by a car while I was crossing the street. Doctors have not made a dent in the corrosive, progressive pain that I have experienced since then. I am concerned that the pain itself impairs the quality of my daily work and that it is shortening my life.

But then I tried Tana's sound bed and it has given me the first pain free hours I have had in years and as a side benefit from it, I notice that I am so calm at the end of each session. It has convinced me that there is a way I can get back to being pain free.

I have hope for the future again and I am finally starting to feel better."

- Kelly Addy, Attorney and Pastor